projects: interactive

Interaction between humans and machines is one of the most exciting topics of our time. Be it virtual- or augmented-reality.

Web-based simulation game for Next Kraftwerke

Process visualisation using WebGL for Next Kraftwerke

Audio-visual interactive installation in Graz

Interactive WebGL background animation for the website of CSS Design Award’s Website of the Year 2016

Visual «Pas de Deux» between Cologne and Peking for «25 Years Cologne-Peking».

Interactive website for the launch of a new Nike running shoe. Users can create their own musical compositions using a zoetrope-sequencer.

Interactive installation removing layer by layer from the human body by moving around in space.

Augmented reality app bringing a small paper robot to life

Out project for «Schmiede» – a «Salted Perception» of reality, distorted by a Kinect and an Oculus Rift.

Interactive video wall for the lounge of the hotels from motel one